The ‘PERFECT’ Smile

The ‘PERFECT’ smile…the one many people want. We view it as a beautifully white one with straight teeth. People get braces and buy whitening products to try to achieve this look (myself included)! Yes, the picture above is of an absolutely BEAUTIFUL smile and I’m guessing this person has had braces (if not…then what the heck!), uses whitening products, restrains from drinking coffee or red wine to obtain the whiteness (if not…again, what the heck!), and wears this red lipstick to make those pearly whites appear that much whiter (yes, red lipstick does that)!

Braces are recommended in many cases because they help to fix  issues such as crooked, overlapping, overcrowded teeth or malocclusion (a difference in size of the upper jaw and lower jaw). Having straight teeth not only improves the aesthetics of ones smile, but can make it easier to chew as well as easier to keep the teeth clean! Not everyone can afford to get braces and for minor issues, not everyone chooses to. In my line of work, I clean not only plaque and calculus (crystallized plaque) from the teeth, but also remove stain to give my patients their cleanest smile. I offer options such as orthodontic referrals and whitening procedures. These are options that many people seek, but if someone does not want them, that’s fine! Some people want that ‘perfect’ smile and others are simply happy in the beauty of their ‘imperfect’ smile. I’ve had patients who have had the slightest rotated tooth (and I mean slightest) ask if a orthodontist can fix it, as well as patients who hadn’t had their teeth cleaned in 10+ years and came in because they really wanted advice in achieving whiter teeth.  I have also seen a patient who did not like the space (called a diastema) between her top two central teeth (the central incisors, #8 and #9 to be exact). She was debating whether she wanted to have composite (white) material put on the teeth to close the space. The dentist used a white wax (as the patient was so hesitant) to show her what the teeth would look like. In the end the patient decided not to get the fillings as she said without the space it just didn’t look like her!

We see many Hollywood stars with these beautiful, dazzling white smiles and we think our teeth need to look like that! Here are some celebrities that are known for their beauty and guess what…they do not have ‘perfect’ teeth!

Julia Roberts: they are not toilet bowl white and look she has amalgam (silver) fillings!

Georgia May Jagger, Anna Paquin & Jessica Pare: they make those diastema’s look good!

Jewel, Keira Knightley & Kristen Dunstcrooked and uneven teeth and still gorgeous!

Channing Tatum & Tom Cruise: I’m guessing you didn’t notice Channing’s teeth while staring at his six-pack in Magic Mike! These leading men have it going on, uneven teeth and all!


I fully think that imperfection can be just as beautiful! I love when someone has something about their smile that isn’t conventionally viewed as perfect, but to them it is! They are comfortable to smile from ear to ear, and laugh…they are comfortable in their own skin and THAT my friends is beautiful!

With that said…if you do not LOVE your imperfect smile, ask me or your hygienist what you can do because a happy smile is the most beautiful/confident/sexy thing you can wear!

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