Sunday Funday

Yay for Sunday Funday, also known as Football Sunday during the Fall/Winter months in our house! What has my Sunday looked like this far, you ask? (ok, no one asked, but I’m going to tell you anyway). I got up early with Bear (our crazy 1.5 yr old golden retriever) and we went for our morning walk around the block. I then made some yummy tea and watched some ‘Duck Dynasty’ on demand…that’s right, I love that show! Zach (hubby) got up, I made him coffee & he made me breakfast (good trade-off, right!). We proceeded to have a lazy day by plopping ourselves on our futon, watching some of ‘The Cable Guy’ (blah), Zach took Mr. Bear for a walk to the park, we caught up on ‘Timeless’ (so good!) and now we are watching ‘Pacific Rim’ (& blogging…me, not Zach) until Football comes on! We are really gearing up for the PATRIOTS game later on…sorry not sorry (that’s the line…right!?). We both had busy days yesterday (I made bread from scratch…that’s right…I got my Sara Lee on!) so this lazy day is much needed!

Well any who, since it’s Sunday Funday, I thought I’d keep it light and share some of my favorite dental humor pictures:

Basic Math:39b90dbbe683d1a2b4dba8f9fd2648c2

Wisdom Teeth: not always that wise…6d6a502fab2bd5d8f890e5dbf4388adf

This just makes me chuckle:images

Love this song…love when my patients floss more!images-1


Here’s to hoping that Monday morning will be like the 1st picture and not the 2nd!


Hope you all have a great Sunday Funday/Football Sunday! If your teams are in either playoff game today…good luck! If not….next year!

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