The Bachelor: my thoughts thus far

I am part of Bachelor Nation. Wasn’t always on board, but started watching awhile back during Emily Maynard’s season and have continued on since!

Now Nick Viall…I did NOT like this man on Andi’s season! I often times referred to him as the muffet and had no clue what Andi saw in him. Then he popped up again on Kaitlyn’s season with that crazy hair and I was still not a fan. Now, he didn’t annoy me as much as he did on Andi’s season, but he sure was a long way from me wanting to jump into bed with him (nudge, nudge, Kaitlyn). Well that happened and then he popped up AGAIN on Bachelor in Paradise. And I must say this is where my annoyance with Nick changed. I saw a different side of him (also, editing may have decided to give him a break in the villain zone? I mean they had Chad on there, he was villain enough!). I don’t think I would have been chomping at the bits to go on to The Bachelor knowing it was Nick, but I think I would have been more open-minded to it then I would have been in the past couple years! (I’m happily married and will not be going on The Bachelor, but just saying!).

Lets just take a moment to recognize how far nick has come, from muppet to man:

Andi’s season………….Kaitlyn’s season……..NOW (much better!)


This season is full of beautiful, smart woman, who have actual careers AND then there is Corrine. I just can’t with that girl…I just can’t! Who has a nanny at 25 years old? She whines about how she IS so mature because she runs a multi million dollar company (families company…must be nice), while jiggling her breasts around and going down for nap time. I just can’t with that girl! #freeraquel



Here are my front-runners so far (hint: Corrine is NOT one!)


  • Danielle M./ 31/ Neonatal Nurse

Danielle seems very sweet and outgoing! She absolutely loves being a neonatal nurse and just seems very down to earth!


  • Kristina/ 24/ Dental Hygienist!

    Not only is Kristina a Dental Hygienist…woot woot! But, she also seems very nice and down to earth! She has not had a one on one yet, but did get to groove with the Backstreet Boys! I also like that she stuck it to Corrine this week!


  • Raven/ 25/ Fashion Boutique Owner

    Raven is just adorable and I LOVE her honesty! That story about her ex was priceless (esp being told in her adorable southern accent) and I mean if any of us were in that same situation, I’m sure we’d do the same! Nick obviously sees something special since he introduced her to his little sister and parents…Wowzers!


  • Vanessa/ 29/ Special Education Teacher

    Vanessa seems so caring and genuine and I love that she isn’t going to take any sh”t from Nick! “I’m not judging her actions, I’m judging yours!” Loved that and the adorable book her ‘kids’ made for Nick!


Those are my thoughts so far! We will see who Nick chooses….if it’s Corrine…ugh I swear he’s back to the muppet title!

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