A non dental blog post today as it is my day off from the dental world. The inspiration for this blog post is from the ‘most memorable year’ episode on Dancing with the Stars. Yup, seriously!

From hearing these powerful stories I’ve been reflecting on life’s ‘curve balls’ and how it’s so easy to sometimes wonder why me?

Some back story about me: I’m one of those people who can be a seemingly open book at times and then like an onion (you’ve got to peel back the layers) at other times. I’ve always been this way!  I’ll let people in to a certain extent and then kind of pull away. People in my past have always tended to leave so easily out of my life, so it’s been hard for me to truly show people who I am and let them know what I’ve been through knowing that they may not be with me in the long haul. In my past relationships it would get to a point where I knew it was only a matter of time so I would start pushing them away. I guess my hope was that they wouldn’t and couldn’t be pushed, but in the end it was always the outcome. My husband has been such a shining light. Through all the stories of my past, all of my pushing and the peeling away of those layers, he never once ran or distanced himself. This truly made me so comfortable in my own skin and so comfortable with the journey that I have faced.

There are many out there that have such difficult roads to cross and I admire all those with the strength to get through these journeys. I personally have dealt with bullying, sexual assault, family turmoil and crippling loss (this is the short list, because I can’t give it all away to you people! see above).  I have days where I get down and think why me? I have moments where I’m sad and just want to be alone. And then I have days where I realize just how lucky I am to have the life I have. There are people who have it so so much worse. My sister-in-law for example is going through medical problem after medical problem all while being there for her family (they have four small children) and running her own business! It’s people like this who give strength its name!

One quote that I used to loathe every time a breakup occurred was “Everything Happens for a Reason.” This is now one of my more commonly used mantras. Another that I’ve recently been using a lot lately is:


I truly believe that all of these journeys and these twists and turns have made me who I am today. I am growing as a friend, wife, daughter, sister, and just as a person in general everyday. There have been low points in my life where I did not like the person I was, but with each struggle and each step away from the pain, I grow. I am trying to be the best possible version of myself each day. Life can throw as many lemons as it wants at me. I’ll take those lemons and mtenor.gifake some spiked lemonade and I will CHEERS everyone who has struggles and mishaps and rises above them!

The reason for this post is to just celebrate strength and celebrate those difficult journeys! To celebrate those who stand by your side and who love you unconditionally!

Love who you are and what you have been through, it makes your life unique and special!



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