Pets have Teeth Too!

I have a crazy two year old fur baby…his name is Bear (pictures above) and he’s an adorable golden retriever. I got a toothbrush in there as early as possible to get him used to it and used to me looking in his mouth!


You can use a regular toothbrush or one of these handy finger brushes:





Bear likes to chew on the brush, but I am able to move it back and forth against the teeth as he is doing so. Now if you aren’t able to get a toothbrush in your furry pets mouth, don’t worry! Although brushing is the best way, there are other ways to help remove that plaque from their teeth such as dental chews, bones and toys.


Just like us, our animals may need some professional help to remove any buildup that has formed on their teeth. They do not need this professional cleaning as often as humans do (p.s. you should be going a minimum of every 6 months people!), but they should have one done once, twice or as much as needed throughout their lifetime! (The vet will advise this if needed.) Why you ask? Well here are some facts:
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There are some Dos and Don’ts for pet dental care however:

dentalchart                     57d553db123e1ec5773de3f2f1748d32

If you do not take care of those precious teeth it can result in periodontal disease, loss of teeth, dental infections and larger systemic issues, just as can occur in humans!


Ouch! That’s no way for our loving animals to live!







BUT Look what a good cleaning can do…


Bottom line: Brush those teeth at home the best that you can, offer toys and treats that will aid in the removal of plaque and take the recommendation of your veterinarian seriously when they advise a professional cleaning, because it can prolong the life of our fur babies!


Just like a real bear…My Bear has the same amount of teeth!

(less fierce, more cuddly!)

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