Fall in VT…our favorite!

My in-laws live in Rockingham, VT and it is one of our favorite places to go on our free weekends! It’s such a relaxing and picturesque place and Bear (our fur baby) can romp around with his biological parents and brother.

We especially love going in the Fall as all the trees are just breathtaking and we get to stock up on apples from the family apple orchard! Last weekend we took the trip and partook in some fun fall activities!


On Saturday we woke up to an amazingly beautifully warm day for it being October 21st in VT! I started the morning enjoying some coffee, with Bear by my side.


In the afternoon, my mother-in-law and I took the dogs for a walk in the woods…orange vests are a must during hunting season!


On Sunday is where the apple festivities began! Zach had been talking about his family farm to his friend, Alex, for quite some time and Alex decided to come up to see the farm and help make some apple cider!

Upon Alex’s arrival my father-in-law gave him a tour of the grounds, including the nursery: Morning Star Perennials, a perennial nursery that has so many flowers, plants and very unique trees. Be sure to check them out in the spring if you’re around the Rockingham, VT area or traveling by!

We also taste tested the kiwi’s from the vine, made safe crossing for the new baby chickens (Bear was very interested in them) and checked in on the honey bees!

Next we got to work picking apples for cider making:

After several varieties of apples were picked, it was time to crank up my father-in-laws antique cider press (with an added motor- otherwise the process would have taken forrrrrrrrrr-evvvvvvvv-errrrrrr {name that movie!}) and make that scrumptious cider…

The cider came out amazing and we sat back and enjoyed the fruits of our labor (ok, the boys did the actual cider making but hey, I picked some apples!).

Zach and I brought 2 bags of cider home (one is just about gone and the other went straight into the freezer to enjoy at a later date). We now also have a fully stocked drawer of organic apples in the fridge…on to baking apple everything!!

Happy Fall y’all!

1st Anniversary

My husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary…woot, woot ,we made it! We decided to go back to Quonquont Farm where we got married to pick apples and enjoy the walk down memory lane! It is crazy how quickly a year can pass and we definitely felt like it was just yesterday that we were there for our special day! Here are some pictures from our morning apple picking:


As we were talking to one of the workers at the farm stand we mentioned that it was our first anniversary and asked if she would take our picture underneath the Quonquont sign…just like we had taken on our wedding day!


We hope to continue to take a picture in this same spot throughout our future anniversaries to document the changes that occur within our family!

We were also able to sneak a peak into the events barn where our reception was held and see Jenelle, head of events, who is just unbelievably amazing at her job!! {absolutely LOVED her}. The barn is a gorgeous 19th century dairy barn that has been restored complete with a spectacular stone patio for cocktail hour:


I highly recommend this wedding venue to anyone in western mass ( or anywhere willing to travel!). We absolutely loved it and loved our day here…our ceremony took place in the apple orchard and I mean just look at this setting….I know, I know, breathtaking!


Souvenirs!      IMG_0120


We relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon and then I started to prepare our stay at home anniversary dinner. We had gone to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon and thanks to Pinterest, I found an amazing recipe originally from Just a Taste that would remind us of that amazing trip! Not only was this recipe super easy and quick to make, but the presentation was on point…if I do say so myself  [insert pat on back].


Seriously the most tedious part was hollowing out the pineapple and for future dinners (because we will most definitely be making this again) we won’t serve it in the pineapple (or will we…tbd) so its super duper quick and easy if not! Here is the recipe:

Sticky Pineapple Chicken

   prep time: 15mins     cook time: 15mins      yields: 4 servings


  • 1/2 cup pineapple juice
  • 1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup low sodium chicken stock
  • 1/3 cup hoisin sauce
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon minced fresh garlic
  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 1 cup diced pineapple
  • 1/2 cup roasted, salted cashews (optional)– we did not use
  • Rice, for serving


In a medium saucepan, whisk together the pineapple juice, soy sauce, chicken stock, hoisin sauce, brown sugar, garlic and cornstarch. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook until the mixture has reduced to about 1 cup and is the consistency of thick syrup. Set the sauce aside.

Add the olive oil to a large nonstick skillet set over medium-high heat. Add the chicken to the pan and season it with salt and pepper. Cook the chicken, stirring, until it is no longer pink, about 5 minutes. Drain off any liquids then add the sauce to the pan and stir until combined. Add the pineapple and cashews and cook, stirring, for an additional 1 minute.

Serve the chicken atop a bed of rice.


I used these amazing wooden serving dishes from Pottery Barn that we had received from our wedding shower and the pineapples fit perfectly in them…score!



We paired this meal with a bottle of Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine from Maui Winery. We purchased this bottle on our honeymoon when we visited the winery, brought it back, and somehow were able to save it for this occasion!



We had such a perfectly perfect one year anniversary, it was calm and relaxed and exactly what we wanted! A great day to remind us of the events that took place a year ago ( & to make me eager to plan another visit to the magical isle of Maui…hubby says it may be awhile…boo).

Oh and we ate cake {let them eat cake…I just had to}. That’s right we saved our wedding cake (well my in-laws saved it in their freezer for a whole year- they love us!) and tried it out…not bad folks!



How did everyone celebrate their first wedding anniversary!?

Home remedies to completely remove tartar & other mythical creatures!

So I recently read an article on about home remedies that claim to completely remove tartar. I could not contain my LOL’ing or WTF’s during reading this article…let me explain why!

First, let me tell you about that pesky thing called tartar aka calculus aka yuckiness. Tartar or calculus is a hard calcified deposit that forms on the teeth and contributes to their decay as well as the breakdown of soft tissue and bone. IMG_0038Even with perfect home care, everyone has bacteria in their mouths. This bacteria mixes with proteins and food byproducts  to form a sticky layer on the teeth called plaque. Plaque carries bacteria that can damage the teeth and gums. If not removed the bacteria continues to attach to plaque and will calcify into tartar or calculus. Once this calcification occurs ladies and gentleman, you CANNOT remove it by simply brushing or flossing or using these magic methods that the above article claims. To remove these hardened deposits you would visit a friendly hygienist, such as myself, and we will remove it for you (you’re welcome)! This requires ‘scrapping’ as those deposits can be stubborn, but it will make the teeth and gum tissue healthier and prevent any further (if any) bone loss from occurring. So it is so important to get professional dental cleanings!!

Ok, so here is a breakdown of some points in the article- I will be using the exact same pictures/pictures of wording that they used:


This picture shows no tartar on the teeth…this mint oil and lemon concoction may (notice how I say MAY) help with whitening, but will not remove tartar. Also, lemon is NOT great for your teeth…Please do not dip your toothbrush into lemon juice and rub it onto your teeth, as it is very acidic. Acidity causes tooth enamel to wear away, which can result in sensitivity and discoloration. Anything acidic should be done in moderation or avoided all together!

IMG_0029Coconut oil pulling has been a trend now for awhile, for detoxification and as a natural whitener (results can vary). It will not breakdown or remove calcified tartar! As for those dark brown spots in the picture…those appear to be cavities folks…removing the decay and replacing with a filling is the only fix for that!

Oranges are also high in the acidity. So again, not great for the teeth and anything acidic should be done in moderation and not intentionally rubbed onto the teeth!

This just sounds like a pain in the butt! Sounds like using a toothbrush and toothpaste may be easier don’t cha think!? Plus, these little seeds will then get caught in between the teeth causing you to have to floss…so on the other hand maybe do this!

IMG_0030This whole article stated “According to Tapoos”. Tapoos is an entertainment site…this is what their ‘About Us’ page states: “If you like your online entertainment to be a heady cocktail of viral content, crazy listicles, fun quizzes, trending videos and the latest celebrity gossip you’ve come to the right place! Add into the mix reviews of the latest movies, tales of strength and inspiration and real life stories that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and you can see why Tapoos is fast becoming a leading go to site for discerning web users.” Dear Tapoos…stick to the entertainment reporting and leave dental/medical advice to the professionals please. The quote about tartar is also FALSE…my friends that is what plaque is. Plaque is bacteria that gathers around the lines of our gums (as well on the rest of the surfaces of the teeth). It’s at the bottom of our teeth (all surfaces again). It’s dangerous and unhygienic – it also eventually leads to gum disease which can cause a lot of other serious problems (1 point Tapoos, only 1…actually I take that back because you thought you were talking about tartar!).

Again, plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing as well as using antibacterial mouth washes. The rinses that the article mentions could also aid in plaque removal, but will NOT remove the plaque once it has calcified into tartar. This article clearly had their definitions of plaque and tartar confused.

  • DO brush, floss and use  mouth wash to help remove plaque and to keep your mouth as healthy as possible at home.
  • DO get a professional cleaning and exam regularly.
  • DO NOT count on any magical concoction to remove tartar or calculus that has developed on your teeth!


Happy Brushing!


We bought a house!

Hi all…geesh it’s been awhile! We have been in the hectic process of buying a house and we’re finally moved in!

Bear was a bit frantic as we were moving everything out of our apartment, but once we brought him over with all of his toys and his bed, he was happy!

Now that all of that chaos is behind me, I hope to get back to blogging some more!

~Write soon

Pets have Teeth Too!

I have a crazy two year old fur baby…his name is Bear (pictures above) and he’s an adorable golden retriever. I got a toothbrush in there as early as possible to get him used to it and used to me looking in his mouth!


You can use a regular toothbrush or one of these handy finger brushes:





Bear likes to chew on the brush, but I am able to move it back and forth against the teeth as he is doing so. Now if you aren’t able to get a toothbrush in your furry pets mouth, don’t worry! Although brushing is the best way, there are other ways to help remove that plaque from their teeth such as dental chews, bones and toys.


Just like us, our animals may need some professional help to remove any buildup that has formed on their teeth. They do not need this professional cleaning as often as humans do (p.s. you should be going a minimum of every 6 months people!), but they should have one done once, twice or as much as needed throughout their lifetime! (The vet will advise this if needed.) Why you ask? Well here are some facts:
a9d638d5fedbe10c6191e41b7df604a4 (1)

There are some Dos and Don’ts for pet dental care however:

dentalchart                     57d553db123e1ec5773de3f2f1748d32

If you do not take care of those precious teeth it can result in periodontal disease, loss of teeth, dental infections and larger systemic issues, just as can occur in humans!


Ouch! That’s no way for our loving animals to live!







BUT Look what a good cleaning can do…


Bottom line: Brush those teeth at home the best that you can, offer toys and treats that will aid in the removal of plaque and take the recommendation of your veterinarian seriously when they advise a professional cleaning, because it can prolong the life of our fur babies!


Just like a real bear…My Bear has the same amount of teeth!

(less fierce, more cuddly!)


A non dental blog post today as it is my day off from the dental world. The inspiration for this blog post is from the ‘most memorable year’ episode on Dancing with the Stars. Yup, seriously!

From hearing these powerful stories I’ve been reflecting on life’s ‘curve balls’ and how it’s so easy to sometimes wonder why me?

Some back story about me: I’m one of those people who can be a seemingly open book at times and then like an onion (you’ve got to peel back the layers) at other times. I’ve always been this way!  I’ll let people in to a certain extent and then kind of pull away. People in my past have always tended to leave so easily out of my life, so it’s been hard for me to truly show people who I am and let them know what I’ve been through knowing that they may not be with me in the long haul. In my past relationships it would get to a point where I knew it was only a matter of time so I would start pushing them away. I guess my hope was that they wouldn’t and couldn’t be pushed, but in the end it was always the outcome. My husband has been such a shining light. Through all the stories of my past, all of my pushing and the peeling away of those layers, he never once ran or distanced himself. This truly made me so comfortable in my own skin and so comfortable with the journey that I have faced.

There are many out there that have such difficult roads to cross and I admire all those with the strength to get through these journeys. I personally have dealt with bullying, sexual assault, family turmoil and crippling loss (this is the short list, because I can’t give it all away to you people! see above).  I have days where I get down and think why me? I have moments where I’m sad and just want to be alone. And then I have days where I realize just how lucky I am to have the life I have. There are people who have it so so much worse. My sister-in-law for example is going through medical problem after medical problem all while being there for her family (they have four small children) and running her own business! It’s people like this who give strength its name!

One quote that I used to loathe every time a breakup occurred was “Everything Happens for a Reason.” This is now one of my more commonly used mantras. Another that I’ve recently been using a lot lately is:


I truly believe that all of these journeys and these twists and turns have made me who I am today. I am growing as a friend, wife, daughter, sister, and just as a person in general everyday. There have been low points in my life where I did not like the person I was, but with each struggle and each step away from the pain, I grow. I am trying to be the best possible version of myself each day. Life can throw as many lemons as it wants at me. I’ll take those lemons and mtenor.gifake some spiked lemonade and I will CHEERS everyone who has struggles and mishaps and rises above them!

The reason for this post is to just celebrate strength and celebrate those difficult journeys! To celebrate those who stand by your side and who love you unconditionally!

Love who you are and what you have been through, it makes your life unique and special!



Saying Goodbye Really Sucks…

Hi all, Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was such a weird weekend here…sleet and snow on Saturday and sunshine and almost 60 degrees today! I saw people bundled up in winter coats, hats and gloves yesterday and then in shorts and t-shirts today…hey, that’s New England for ya & I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Anywho…this past week I had to say goodbye to some amazing co-workers at a hygiene job I had since May. The office that I am at for the majority of the week offered me an additional day, so I decided to stop at my other office in which I had been working one day a week. The hard part was that I enjoyed the job, the hours were a little tough and it was a further drive for me, but everyone had been so super nice and supportive!

Since this was a good ‘parting of ways’ I decided to get some little goodies for my last day! To Pinterest I went! I found a cute idea with lollipops and a sign that read “Goodbyes really suck…” PERFECT! Well, seeing as it is a dentist office I could NOT get sugar lollipops so I went to Amazon and searched for sugar-free! In the search I saw some that were teeth shaped…done!

Here they are with the sign that I made:


Since I had purchased these pops based on the simple reason that they were sugar free and tooth shaped (which was just too adorable), I hadn’t realized just how good they are for you too! Not only are they sugar free, but they are also kosher, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, non-GMO, soy free, have no trans fat, and have no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. My next thought… they’re going to suck! (pun intended). To my surprise they were really good!


And to make it even better they are made by a husband and wife who are a dentist and dental hygienist!

FullSizeRender (9)


Not only do they make these tooth shaped lollipops, but they also make oval and tooth shaped lollipops in many flavors,  hard candies in many flavors, gourmet chocolates, caramels and taffy, gums and mints! (YUM YUM YUM).

All of their products are sugar free! They use xylitol as the sweetener, which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. Xylitol is noncariogenic (does not cause cavities) and studies have shown that it can actually decrease bacterial levels in plaque and saliva as well as reduce cavities. As a dentist and dental hygienist this is an important factor!!

FullSizeRender (10)


This was absolutely a great find that I stumbled upon and I will definitely be tasting some of their other products soon!

Check out Dr. John’s website to taste these delicious treats for yourself or find them on Amazon! Your taste buds and teeth will thank you!


Have a great week!



Snow Day

Hi All! It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a chance to blog…there’s been A LOT going on over here lately (more to come later). Tuesdays are currently my day off, but today in Mass we are having a snowmaggedon making it a SNOW DAY!!! In honor of snow storm Stella, here are some fun dental inspired snow sculptures!

If planning to go play in the snow is on you agenda for today maybe make a dental related tooth sculpture instead of those traditional snow men and women!


PSA: How to Answer “Do You Floss?”

Hi All!

So, today’s topic is on how to answer that pesky little question “Do you floss?”

First, let me fill you in on why we ask you that question. Is it because we really don’t know….NO, we already have the general sense whether you do or don’t as we’re cleaning your teeth. Are we thinking that maybe you really do, but may not be doing it correctly…Yes (there is a wrong way & right way to floss!). Are we testing you…Yes, we want to see if you’re being honest with us and if not then that’s showing us that you may not care to floss and want to lie so we won’t give you the spiel (guess what…I’m going to give you the spiel anyway!).

I ALWAYS ask, because you know what they say about assuming! I’ve had patients who have had plaque (yucky bacteria) in between every tooth and are bleeding like I just stabbed them with a prison shank (p.s. we don’t stab people or use prison shanks! We clean your teeth and if there’s a lot on there then we have to get it off….it’s our job, you’re welcome!). {Rant over}. When I ask these people that infamous “Do you floss” question some of them don’t just say “YES” quickly (in hopes that maybe I’ll believe that they just had some cherry kool-aid?) but say they really have been trying and give me details about what they do and their genuine want to do better!


That leads me into then asking them “How do you floss….do you go straight up between the teeth and then back out?” Usually the answer here is “Yes”. Now this is the improper way to floss! When you are flossing in between the teeth the goal is to remove the plaque from each tooth surface (see how I said EACH). You are in between two teeth so you want to move the floss up and down against one tooth (you’ll be able to get that floss below the gum line, removing so much more!) and then you bring the floss to go up and down the second tooth! (Think of it as making a C-shape around each tooth!). Quickly going up and down between the teeth only removes some plaque leaving everything on the surfaces of the individual teeth that you didn’t get against and everything below the gum lines of each of them!

Then I have those patients who are just completely honest and say “No” (or my personal favorite “Yea, twice a year when you do it”….btw not my personal favorite, that my friends was sarcasm). I have also had a couple people who have said…”Oh well the News (or google) told me that flossing isn’t important”…lies, just lies! I am thinking those people in these ‘studies’ that came out a few months back were not flossing properly or know anything about plaque/calculus and the damage that it can cause to not only the teeth, but to the gum tissue as well as the bone!

Here is the real deal about plaque/calculus:

Plaque is a loose form of bacteria that you are able to remove by brushing and flossing. If not removed that loose plaque will crystallize into calculus (not the math) or tartar (not the sauce) which you are unable to remove with these methods and only hygienists can with our ‘prison shanks’. This bacteria not only can cause cavities on the teeth, but can actually start eating away at your gum tissue, as well as the bone that supports your teeth in place (this is called periodontal disease). So for the health of your teeth and mouth in general, brushing at least twice a day AND flossing is SUPER important and nothing takes the place of getting that floss up and down on each surface of the two teeth you are in between!

I know it’s time consuming (a couple minutes…bummer), but really try to get it into your daily routine! And when we ask you that question “Do you floss?” Please just be HONEST with us! If you do not, that’s ok, but we want to educate you and let you know why it is important because many people do not realize just how destructive that plaque/calculus is! If you do floss, GREAT…we may have to tweak your technique or up the amount of times you do it (once a day at least is ideal!). If you still do not want to floss after the spiel, then that’s fine, but I know that I have given you the information and informed you of the consequences by you not doing so!

We hygienists are here to help you, we are here to educate you, we are here to improve your overall oral health so that you can keep those chompers healthy and as long as possible!



The Bachelor: my thoughts thus far

I am part of Bachelor Nation. Wasn’t always on board, but started watching awhile back during Emily Maynard’s season and have continued on since!

Now Nick Viall…I did NOT like this man on Andi’s season! I often times referred to him as the muffet and had no clue what Andi saw in him. Then he popped up again on Kaitlyn’s season with that crazy hair and I was still not a fan. Now, he didn’t annoy me as much as he did on Andi’s season, but he sure was a long way from me wanting to jump into bed with him (nudge, nudge, Kaitlyn). Well that happened and then he popped up AGAIN on Bachelor in Paradise. And I must say this is where my annoyance with Nick changed. I saw a different side of him (also, editing may have decided to give him a break in the villain zone? I mean they had Chad on there, he was villain enough!). I don’t think I would have been chomping at the bits to go on to The Bachelor knowing it was Nick, but I think I would have been more open-minded to it then I would have been in the past couple years! (I’m happily married and will not be going on The Bachelor, but just saying!).

Lets just take a moment to recognize how far nick has come, from muppet to man:

Andi’s season………….Kaitlyn’s season……..NOW (much better!)


This season is full of beautiful, smart woman, who have actual careers AND then there is Corrine. I just can’t with that girl…I just can’t! Who has a nanny at 25 years old? She whines about how she IS so mature because she runs a multi million dollar company (families company…must be nice), while jiggling her breasts around and going down for nap time. I just can’t with that girl! #freeraquel



Here are my front-runners so far (hint: Corrine is NOT one!)


  • Danielle M./ 31/ Neonatal Nurse

Danielle seems very sweet and outgoing! She absolutely loves being a neonatal nurse and just seems very down to earth!


  • Kristina/ 24/ Dental Hygienist!

    Not only is Kristina a Dental Hygienist…woot woot! But, she also seems very nice and down to earth! She has not had a one on one yet, but did get to groove with the Backstreet Boys! I also like that she stuck it to Corrine this week!


  • Raven/ 25/ Fashion Boutique Owner

    Raven is just adorable and I LOVE her honesty! That story about her ex was priceless (esp being told in her adorable southern accent) and I mean if any of us were in that same situation, I’m sure we’d do the same! Nick obviously sees something special since he introduced her to his little sister and parents…Wowzers!


  • Vanessa/ 29/ Special Education Teacher

    Vanessa seems so caring and genuine and I love that she isn’t going to take any sh”t from Nick! “I’m not judging her actions, I’m judging yours!” Loved that and the adorable book her ‘kids’ made for Nick!


Those are my thoughts so far! We will see who Nick chooses….if it’s Corrine…ugh I swear he’s back to the muppet title!